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Library of Videos

Blockchain: The winners and the losers

Digital Inclusion for Seniors by Maureen Childs

Tax Compliance in the Digital Age

'Blockchain in a post Quantum Computing World' by Colin Bradley & Amber Hilton

CISO talk: Understanding the cyber threat environment

Disruptive Technologies by Dalim Basu

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics by Colin Bradley

CISO talk - Stav Pischits & Daniel Liber

Working From Home by Basil Fernandes

Project Management Skills in a Pandemic by David Lewis

Good Cyber Practices by Stav Pischits

Is IT safe and secure in 2020?

Don’t mention it’s AI…

Face up to IT

Social Media - manage your security

3D Printing & AI part 1

3D Printing & AI part 2

The 2019 President’s Speech

Cybersecurity at the Top Table

'Wominspiration - AI & RPA' by Sarah Burnett

Digital Marketing
'Deep Dark Web' by Claudio Cilli

Telecoms & AI

Wominspiration - from then to now

Life at Google - BCS Careers Inspiration

FinTech 2.0 - The new normal

IT Freelancing or Contracting and COVID-19

Change Management: How to implement change

How BCS is leading the way in Ethical AI and Data Science

Quantum Leap Forward?

Fintech 2.0: Next Generation Innovation (the entrepreneur's perspective)

BCS Hampshire Branch
Obtaining BCS Chartered Status or Fellowship

BCS Kent Branch
Telephone Systems and Voice Over IP

Emulation and Other Stories

University College London
UCL-IXN students + Microsoft: Avant-Garde

UCL-IXN students + IBM: Intelligent Excursions

UCL-IXN students + IBM: Autoworld

UCL-IXN students + Microsoft + NHS: Emergency dept. modelling

UCL-IXN students + Ocado: Food Intelligence

UCL-IXN students + NTT Data: Virtual Assistant

UCL-IXN students + Careful AI: CarerCare

UCL-IXN students + Intel + NHS GOSH: Patient Holograms

UCL-IXN students + UN-ANSCC: Visual mapping tool

UCL-IXN students + NHS: GetMyPolicy ChatBot

UCL-IXN students + NTT Data: Open Banking Data Analysis

Tech for Good: AI for the Common Good hackathon at UCL

CXO Insight virtual conference videos (speakers included Dalim Basu)

Digital transformation is NOT about technology

Opportunities, risks and challenges in the new innovation landscape

The changing role of technology in the enterprise

Data science and AI in targeting services. Where might we be going?

Interview with Nour Shaker Fayad, KPMG

Lock out ransomware

Three requirements to build successful customer experiences in a digital-first economy

The relationship between CIOs, CISOs and the Board: Expectation vs reality

Workforce transformation overview

Changing cyber landscapes: Battle of the algorithms

Say hello to your future workforce, adapting how work gets done

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