Letter from the Chair - Dalim Basu - November 2018

BCS NLB – for IT Knowledge-sharing, Collaboration & Professionalism Today and Tomorrow!

Hi – come and join us in celebrating another great year of interesting, informative and popular North London Branch events focused on the worlds of IT and IT professionalism!

This letter outlines what we’ve been doing in the past year, our ideas for the future, and how you can participate and benefit. I have also listed the 16 events that we planned, coordinated and delivered from November 2017 to the AGM in early November 2018. Looking at these accomplishments, I am sure you will agree that the NLB committee has worked hard (with very good support from members, sponsors and BCS staff) to bring these interesting and useful events to life.

Our ambitions for next year are even greater, and these present big challenges for our small committee of seven part-time volunteers plus helpers. Please let us know if you would like to assist your branch to be even more successful.

Our ambitions for next year are even greater, and these present big challenges for our small committee of part-time volunteers plus helpers. Please let us know if you would like to assist your branch to be even more successful.

>What’s coming in 2019? What do you think? What’s your view about trends in UK IT in 2019? Would you like to tell us, in 200 to 1000 words? Please email your entry (headed ‘IT’s 2019’) by end-December 2018 latest to dalim.basu@bcs.org. Feel free to relate your predictions to global IT, or British/global business trends – even Brexit! But no advertising for specific organisations, products or services please. My NLB committee colleagues and I will review all entries received by the closing date, and look for readability, relevance, interesting and enjoyable topics/views. BCS book prizes will be given to the writers of the best 3 articles, which will be added to the NLB website. Note that the BCS NLB Chairman’s decision will be final for all aspects.

>Website: Did you know that there’s a ‘treasure trove’ of information available via the NLB website? As well as providing a registration mechanism for NLB events and information about BCS groups and external organisations, there’s an expanding knowledge library of past event presentations and presenter profiles. Have you benefited from this rich source of information yet?

>Past events, sponsorship and support: Our events have become more high-profile and wide-ranging, and are helping raise awareness of BCS and participation with its activities from a wider IT community. 16 NLB events with over 40 presenters – indeed a record for us!

This year our NLB events have all been free-entry ones, mostly held at BCS London (5 Southampton Street), with focus on high-profile topics, high-profile speakers and support of BCS core objectives to ‘make IT good for society’. We’ve strengthened NLB association with the London Chapter of ISACA (the global professional body for IT risk management, assurance, governance and security, serving over 140,000 professionals in 180 countries), enabling BCS NLB members to attend 10 ISACA London Chapter [ILC] events free (saving 20 entry fee per event), and ILC members to attend NLB events.

We’ve had some very good single-presenter events featuring CEO/CIO/CTO/leaders, plus others using the successful NLB multi-presenter formula to cover different views about a topic, plus discussion forums and informal networking to encourage attendees to learn more, meet presenters one-to-one, and meet others. Particularly notable multi-presenter events were the ‘Talent IT’ collaboration with UCL and of course the three ‘Wominspiration’ diversity-focused events to encourage more women in IT.

‘Past Events’ on the NLB website shows details of the 16 events, plus sponsorship and collaborations with external organisations and other BCS groups. We received a lot of enthusiastic and supportive feedback from organisations, presenters and attendees who appreciated the value and benefits of our activities - thank you!

>Ideas for the future:

We’d like to do more with filming NLB activities, producing edited video clips and using them for publicity - if you are good at filming/editing, social media use, publicity or marketing and would like to help, please email dalim.basu@bcs.org.                  ............. 
Also email
dalim.basu@bcs.org if you have ideas for great presenters and interesting/entertaining topics for future NLB events.      


The driving team behind the success and popularity of our activities is of course the NLB committee of enthusiastic volunteers - plus the support of many BCS staff and other helpful people. Alex Beisser and Joy Rukevwe Kokogho have stepped down from the Committee to focus on other work – Thanks to them for their years of great work for BCS on the NLB Committee! The Committee at November 2018 includes Dalim Basu (Chair), Patrick Roberts (Secretary, Membership, Publicity & Interim Treasurer), Terry Williams (Event Management & Universities Liaison Officer), Dion Mariyanayagam (Deputy Event Management & Universities Liaison Officer) plus committee helpers. We have room for more good helpers who can contribute to NLB success!

>Your NLB:

Your involvement is of course key to NLB. We hope you have enjoyed the ‘success story so far’ of our group. We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at many future activities of the dynamic North London Branch. We welcome and enjoy collaboration with others, so If you’re a member of another BCS group or external organisation, why not introduce us and see if we can work together? We appreciate your support!

I hope you agree that NLB offers a good environment for learning, networking, knowledge-sharing, enjoyment and helping to make It good for Society.

Come and join us - let’s celebrate the future!

Dalim Basu FBCS, CITP, CISA, CRISC, PRINCE2, BSc. Hons (London)
Chairman, BCS North London Branch