• Green Seniors

BCS NLB Green Seniors



BCS NLB Green Seniors Group is established  with the objective of promoting cooperation with similar bodies throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide, encouraging and supporting understanding on matters affecting senior citizens. 


To safeguard and promote the well being of senior citizens, and in particular to ensure that government policy or the application of it does not disadvantage them, but takes their special needs into account and raise awareness of IT/green/climate/ecological issues.



Areas to be considered could include, but not be limited to:-

  • No discrimination in the access to and provision of health care
  • A fair and equitable pension provision that keeps pace with the cost of living
  • Availability of continuing education with safe access to the Internet.
  • Promotion of respect for and the human dignity and rights of the elderly
  • Bridging the divide between generations
  • Provide advice and information to those who have not had the opportunity to upgrade their skills.

BCS as a whole will benefit from creating new areas of Business, in specialised training and new student membership, hardware and software development and specialised equipment for the frail and disabled.

BCS will have the opportunity to ‘reach out’ to the community, enhancing their own  image, whilst creating an atmosphere of wellbeing.