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Cloud Webinar Series - Part 3 -

What is the future of cloud?


7 December 2022
18:30 - 19:30

Free event. Everyone welcome.
In association with London Central Branch, South London Branch and BCS F-TAG

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These panel sessions feature BCS Fellows Technical Advisory Group (F-TAG) experts.

In 2021 the cloud market was worth around $380 billion, and by 2030 could be worth $1,600 billion. What emerging technologies do you need to know about? What are the challenges that will need to be addressed in cyber security, sustainability, business continuity and the like? What does research investment in cloud tell us about coming developments? In short, how should you prepare for the future of cloud?

+ Rashik Parmar MBE, FBCS - CEO Elect at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
+ Paul Williams FBCS, Technical Lead at Google Cloud
+ Christine Ashton FBCS CIO, SuSe
+ James Davenport FBCS, Professor of Computer Science, University of Bath
+ Brian Runciman MBCS