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BCS Innovation Hubs Panel Q&A

PropTech: What is it and what is the challenge?


4 October 2022
18:30 - 19:30

Free event. Everyone welcome.
In association with London Central Branch

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The term 'Proptech' is unfamiliar to a lot of people but it describes a technical sector that is attempting to address one of the most significant social challenges in the country at the moment: the housing crisis. It is also a key player in property investment and development in general and as such is one of the industry sectors most likely to impact an individual.

So why is it that we know so little about it? This webinar introduces the concept of Proptech by speaking with representatives from both H.M. Land Registry and Proptech business owners who will discuss some of the highlights and challenges of creating and managing the property sector in the UK.

+ Caroline Bray - Geovation Programme Stakeholder Manager at HM Land Registry
+ Ibad Khureshi, PhD - Lead Data Scientist at HM Land Registry
+ Hugh Gibbs - Co-Founder at SearchLand
+ Michael Wadsworth - Founder & CEO at adoor

+ Paul Nebel MBCS - Fractional CTO and Business Designer, DogFish Consultants Ltd

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