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Climate, Environment, Sustainability:

 key issues for the UK tech sector

Wednesday 30th June 2021
18:30 - 20:00

** In association with BCS London Central Branch and Green IT SG **

Free event. All welcome.

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What are the material sustainability issues impacting the sector, and how is the tech sector, government and society responding? In this webinar, Susanne Baker, Associate Director for climate, environment and sustainability from techUK will outline the latest policy developments, tech sustainability trends and the challenges that remain to be resolved.

Presenter 1: Susanne Baker - Associate Director, Climate, Environment and Sustainability, techUK

Susanne is responsible for techUK's Climate, Environment & Compliance Programme. The programme, which spans issues such as eco-design, chemicals policy and producer responsibility legislation to conflict materials, circular economy and climate change policy, helps techUK members to get to grips with the latest compliance issues, policy developments and environmental trends, and in turn works with government to ensure that regulation in this area is targeted and effective. She also spearheads the organisation’s work in championing the role of digital technology in supporting the net zero transition,.

Presenter 2: Margot King - MSc Environmental Technology student at Imperial College London

Margot is currently researching low-plastic schemes in London as part of her final year project. Her interests include waste management, net-zero, and sustainable cities.


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