Digital Memories

18 April 2012

BCS, 5 Southampton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7HA

What is memory?  What does it mean to remember, recollect, reminisce, and reflect?  How is this changing in a digital world?

What is the relationship between memory and technology?  What technologies exist to record life events and how might technology help us re-live past events or remember future ones?

How do we deal with the ever increasing amounts of personal information we are all creating? What happens to it when we die?  Will it be in a format that is accessible to future generations?

What does it mean to forget, in a world where events are recorded, stored and duplicated several times over?  Should people have a right to have information stored on them deleted?

Come and find out what our expert presenters think.

Our expert presenters were:

  • DR. RICHARD BANKS - Principal Interaction Designer, Microsoft Research Ltd
    Author of The future of looking back
  • DR. KIERON O’HARA - Senior Research Fellow, Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton University
    Co-author of The Spy in the Coffee Machine

What the attendees thought of the event

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