Technology and the Business of the Enterprise

18 January 2012

BCS, 5 Southampton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7HA
This event was in association with Appbroker

Don’t just ask what the role of the IT department in the Enterprise should be; Ask what the role of Technology should be in the Business of the Enterprise.
This should be the mantra on the lips of any truly engaged business enterprise and their leadership teams. The salient point is that key changes to the business of most enterprises are driven by the impact of major shifts in consumer / customer behaviours which are often attributable to changes in technology. As a result, the role of IT in an enterprise must also shift to address such key challenges as:

  • ‘Innovation !’ What does it really mean?
  • How is the Business changing its Agenda?
  • And how best to go about transforming the enterprise?

This talk dealt with the shift from IT alone handling ‘information’ technology to ‘consumer’ technology and ‘business’ technology and lay out the ten key points of technology change which will address the issue of what we see going on around us, in a structured manner.

Our expert presenter was:

**Plus a moderated session, to discuss the top 10 technology changes, featuring:

  • PAUL SLOANE – Bestselling Author / Speaker on Innovation

Andy Mulholland presenting to the attendees.

What the attendees thought of the event
It\'s amazing what you can achieve in a short period of time - Judy
Andy was as fascinating as ever and I thought the second part was really fun and energetic - Tim

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