‘www.Darkside 1 – Online Grooming’


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A most topical and sensitive subject such as online child abuse, terrorist recruitment etc., will understandably garner a lot of interest and attention, not just from IT people, but also from all other members of society at large.” Jude Umeh, Capgemini  [Jude's blog about the event]

“2012 CEOP received 1,145 public reports relating to incidents of online grooming.” Dalim Basu, Chairman, BCS North London Branch, presenting on behalf of absent NSPCC speaker.

I feel so humiliated… Everything is such a mess. (Girl, age unknown)”. Dalim Basu, presenting on behalf of absent NSPCC speaker.


“We want our kids to be free to explore online – but also protected from seeing things that are inappropriate or distressing.” Dalim Basu, presenting on behalf of absent InternetMatters.org speaker.

“73% of parents surveyed were not even aware of the child ‘Safety Mode’ feature in the YouTube settings.” Dalim Basu, presenting on behalf of absent InternetMatters.org speaker.


As a parent I find discussing online grooming pretty traumatic, but being aware of the issues is very important. The event gave an insight into the nature of online grooming, the signs, the legal issues and how it can be stopped. Things are never as simple as they might appear, but the simple truth is that this underscores how important it is for parents to have an awareness of what their children are doing online.” David Evans, BCS.

“encourage.. use of online monitoring software for children’s devices… grooming can occur internationally and sometimes a child is saved only by the justified suspicion of a loved one… Children should be taught to apply the ‘Grandma Test’ – If your online content can’t be shown to your Grandmother, don’t use it.“ Ryan Rubin, Managing Director, Protiviti (Presenter at the event)

 “Disruptive action can be either destructive or constructive, and managing the related impact depends on how responsible the Perpetrator, or Protector, chooses to be. There is a need for more professional engagement from BCS Members.” Roland Nicholas, BCS [Roland Nicholas's blog about the event]

topical and provocative, because as IT professionals, we are supposed to be able to take a clear stance, if not actually leading the way, to helping resolve those technology related issues that affect the broader society as a whole.” Jude Umeh, Capgemini 

“Grooming” is part of a wider problem (ISIS, Trolls, Cyber Bullying)“ Ryan Rubin (Presenter at the event)

"The BCS and particularly its North London Branch should be commended for putting on such a brave and challenging event - I was really pleased to be able to contribute to the discussion about this important topic, which deserves to get a great deal more attention from those in the technology industries who have a role to play in restricting or even combatting the threats posed by online grooming." William Richmond-Coggan, Partner, Pitmans LLP  (Presenter at the event)


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